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Hi All and thanks for following the Crested Butte Shot of the Day to its new home on the web.  You Crested Butte Shot of the Day fans are something else . . . thank you for all of your emails of protest and support over the past few weeks, wondering where your online connection to Crested Butte vanished to! 

For those of you still wondering what happened to the RSN site, from what I could glean, Outside decided that the photos and all on the RSN site weren’t worth keeping the site alive for and decided to pull the plug.  We at Crested Butte Mountain Resort were as surprised as you were.  But hopefully we’re back in the game again with this set-up.  You’ll have to forgive me if things are a bit bumpy at first . . . the back end of this blog has more switches and buttons than the space shuttle . . . I pressed a button yesterday that turned the whole thing bright pink. 

Not really.

But there’s probably a button that does that and I’ll probably accidently presss it and, without realizing it, leave it that way before I log off, so be prepared for anything the next time you log on.

Officially “blogging” is a new game for me (the RSN site had little of the functionality that this contraption does), so as I figure out the different whirligigs and doo-dads, I may add some more functionality to this thing.  Or I may not.  But I’ll keep the photos and commentary coming, regardless, so bust out the bookmark and stop back by on a regular basis. 

Please take the time to drop me a comment and say hi or let me know what I can tell you about CB, as well. I do take a look at the posts before they appear on the page, so if you don’t see your post appear right away, don’t panic. I’ll get to them as quickly as I can.

Thanks again for dropping by and see you again soon.


Posted November 29, 2010 by Robb

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  1. So glad you’re back!

  2. Glad to see Robb back in action. The other site was really a bore.
    Keep up the good work Robb.

  3. man you were missed needed my real CB fix Thanks …

  4. I was wondering what happened, glad I found you again and keep it up

  5. What a GREAT HOLIDAY TREAT!!! IT”S GREAT THAT ROB”S BACK!!!The web cams are nice…but Rob’s “Fab pics”and GREAT TEXT are the BEST PR CBMR has!!!!!
    Hopefully the Muellers know what they have + properly compensate him.
    Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lois + David

    • Ahhh shucks, Lois & David . . . thanks so much for the flattering remarks! I’m psyched to see that you found me again . . . and glad that a little Crested Butte is making its way out to the East Coast! Take care and have a great visit in January!

  6. I am so glad to see you are back online with your daily shots and photos! I have checked your posts religiously for a very long time. I live vicariously through those posts between trips to CB.

  7. Nice work, glad the post are backup. I lived in CB(Riverbend) in the mid to late ninties & your pics keep me going here on the coast of North Carolina. Thanks a bunch.

  8. AHHH….My Robb Mann fix is back! CB is the best.


    Thanks for staying with it…and look forward to many more beautiful pics of a real heavenly place!

  9. so gald you’re back! I’m a little addicted to your shot of the day, and was starting to get the DT’s!!

  10. Very glad you are back even better than before. I try to visit CB twice a year and your pictures and commentaries let me be there in spirit if not in body. This looks much better than RSN ever did. Thanks for keeping the posts comming.

  11. You were missed Robb! I second all the comments about keeping up with CB, enjoying the pictures and living vicariously in CB through the posts! Great to see!

  12. I am so glad to see you back! I check the site almost every day to see what’s happening in CB and at CBMR so I can keep up with the events that my daughter is enjoying! It is a pleasure to enjoy your photos with the colorful commentary! Thank you!

  13. Thanks for coming back online Robb….I look daily at your site for many years and then it diappeared..so sad but now this is better than ever!
    Thankyou for all your hard work..I am Izzy Calligan’s step mum,she says she sees you alot up there:) we’re driving up again to our condo this tuesday for 2 weeks….when I am not there all I have as alink in my office in Fort Worth is your site..so thanlyou so much for all the cams and hard work out there taking pics..it is very much appreciated!

  14. Hi All–thank you so much for the kind words and flattering remarks over the last several days! I certainly appreciate it all and am stoked that I’m back online. Take care, all and thanks again!

  15. THANK GOODNESS I finally found you and your photos. I checked your photos and comments daily and they are always my desktop’s wallpaper. I’ve been pulling my favorites out of my archives, but am so glad to see new ones. I can only get to CB in the summers now (for 28 years), and your photos always remind me of why I love it up there so much. Thank you for posting!

  16. I was so miffed when they removed? relocated? your blog.
    So good to see you back and better than ever. You are an great ambassador/commentator for the CB way of life.
    Look forward to seeing your posts and pics.

  17. Glad to see you’re back. I have loved the pictures taken over the past several years. I have a son living in CB and it’s nice to just see what is going on around there.

  18. I hadn’t been to the RSN site for a while, but have always enjoyed the commentary from Robb. It’s like having a good friend keeping you updated on whats going on at home. The posts and the pics are the best.

  19. Robb, I was dismayed when I went looking for the daily cam shot and found they had pulled the plug. I then looked all over the official CB site and could not find a link to your cam shots anymore. I finally Googled for you and didn’t get you directly – had to do a lot of clicking around. My hard work has paid off! Glad to know you finally have an official blog and don’t have to depend on higher powers to publish it. What a treat your posts have been to a lost soul in Alabama. Welcome back!

  20. Robb, Thank you so much for posting the pictures and information. I live in the midwest and love Crested Butte. I look at the photo’s daily for a few minutes of “mental getaway to CBM”

  21. Hello Robb! So happy I found you again. I was all over Outside, even had the web guy on the phone a couple of times, to let them know my displeasure and what they were missing in hits without your wonferful photos and commentary. You are of great value to the Crested Butte region and it is wonderful to see your work properly recognized via this fantastic new format. Thank you. Merry, Merry Christmas to you and yours. Wish I was there for this epic snow week. Harry Burchardt, Atlanta, GA

  22. Thanks, Harry, for going after Outside like that and everybody who’s left messages of flattery and support! You all are the best! Sometimes change, while a little bumpy, is good . . . I’m growing to like this blog set-up . . . it gives me a little more opportunity for artistic control with photo sizes and makes it easier to post more than one shot at a time, et cetera. At some point it’d be nice to figure out how to have some kind of thumbnail archive showing, but that’ll have to wait until I find a little more time. Again, thanks for support and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone out there!

  23. Glad to see you are back.

    Think I saw u getting off the chair with your kid last night just before 4:00 at the top of the queen. We have enjoyed our last couple weeks here very much and can’t wait for our next visit.

  24. Hey, Robb
    Glad you’re back in action. Merry Christmas!

  25. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robb’s back! Thanks CBMR for keeping the posts coming!

  26. Thanks Robb for the shot, love the time lapse from the distance. Glad I found the new blog you have going. Love the new format.

  27. Thanks again Robb for the beautiful pictures. So glad we can see you again and marvel through your eyes. Happy New Year from Alabama.

  28. Just got back from a wonderful ski vacation with the Columbia Ski Club of Maryland in Crested Butte. I used to be a fan of Vail but I have “seen the snow” and have come over from the dark side. Crested Butte is the best!
    Ted aka The Moose

  29. Robb, welcome back! I have followed you through the years on each site, but this is the best ever. You are our connection to CB when we are unable to be there. I especially love your explanations and updates on changes throughout the area. Hope CBMR knows what awesome PR you are for the ski area and for the town.

  30. Robb, welcome back to my desktop! Your photos and comments are bigger and better than ever. While I initially regretted that RSN dropped you, in retrospect I think it was you who had outgrown them. Winter or summer, you keep me connected to CB. I can only hope my next visit will coincide with an epic dump like the one you so admirably documented for this flatlander.

  31. Robb: First, my thanks to Google. I have greatly missed my morning fix of Robb Pennie photos as I turn this office machine on surrounded by the mountain views here in downtown Tampa. They provide the best of the best for my screen background. Thank you!

  32. I just found this site. I also use your pics for my background.
    Thanks for keeping it going. Love the pics and the stories.
    Will be at CB to ride this summer!!
    Thanks again.

    • Hi Gary,

      Glad you found me and that you’re planning on getting back to CB this summer to ride. While winters are a blast in this part of the world, summers, with the amazing range of activities, are just amazing!


  33. Any chance you could create a “Crested Butte Shot of the Day” facebook page?

    I’d love to see your photos on there. People would be able to add their thoughts and comments.

    This is coming from a 51 year old man who has given in to the fact that facebook is probably a big part of our future. So, share your great Crested Butte work with 500 million people.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the Facebook suggestion. Like you, I have no doubt that Facebook is here to stay. At the same time, I’m not drawn to it for the Crested Butte daily posts. Maybe I’m not friends with the right people on it, but what Facebook provides in volume, it lacks in quality and true connections. I get the feeling hat what people stop by the shot of the day for is little different flavor of the internet than what they find on Facebook. I’ll keep it in mind, though, as an option if I’m feeling the need to branch out. Thanks again!


  34. Pennsylvania school kids AND their teachers are so jealous of those lucky little kindergarteners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. [re:skating daughter’s origins] What part of Minnesota?

  36. Hi Robb,

    Glad your back! Skied CB on Tuesday this week. Not a bad day. Back in denver and it is dumping here, maybe an inch or 2 this afternoon, if this keeps up might have to skate ski Wash Park in the morning.

    We love to see your pics of CB life!

  37. I found you! I have been looking ever since Outside took over. I’m glad I found the shot of the day and the webcams. It helps me keep my sanity out here on the flatlands.

    Glad to be back! I’ve bookmarked the site.


    • Hi David,
      Welcome back–I’m glad you found the shot of the day again. I’ll do what I can to keep on an even keel–take care!

  38. Hey Robb….thanks for a “GREAT” inaugural season on this site!!!!It blew away Outside mags site anyway. Outside is a nice mag… but Lo + I LOVE to read + see YOUR focus on the mtn. and valley. So again…Keep up the GREAT work…and we’ll talk to the Muellers*(about that raise)when we see them in June.
    Have a short mud…but just remember…a long mud MEANS A MORE SPECTACULAR SUMMER!!!! See you in June.
    Lois + David

    • Hi Lois and David,

      Thanks for the thumbs-up on the season’s photos and commentary. It was my pleasure, to be sure. And yeah, let me know on the raise thing . . . looking forward to it!

      I’m thinking that mud season will be short, ’cause at this rate it’s going to keep snowing and stay wintry through most of May. We pulled in another foot of snow on the mountain overnight. I went out to ski it and the sun popped out and turned it to concrete. I had to laugh at my bad timing. But I imagine it’ll keep snowing and then snow some more next week, so I’ll have another shot at some pow turns then. And lucky yous–y’all’ll prrobably be able to ski it when you’re here in June! 🙂

      Thanks again for the note and have a great spring!


  39. Can you still ski even though the season is over.

    • Hi Tomas, I’m not sure if you mean skiing in the back country or at the ski area. As for the back country, there’s still plenty of snow out there. I’m not sure of the avalanche hazzards these days, so you’d want to look into that before you headed out. As for skiing at Crested Butte Mountain Resort, I do see people hiking up and skiing down. While I don’t believe it’s prohibited by the resort, between the snow cats and snowmobiles working on the mountain, you’d really want to be paying attention to what’s going on. You’d also want to pay attention to any signage that might have more specific restrictions. Let me know if you have more quesitons. Robb

  40. Robb, thanks for the great ski season pics. Hope you are getting some well deserved R&R! Thought I’d let you in on a little secret, thru trans-n-photo medication I have truly enjoyed my new office here in CB East. Everyday I look out my window (thru the shot of the day) and keep up with what is going on out there. What, you say you have never heard of CB East,,,,,,,well it is quite a bit east, like Southeast Kansas. But via the shot of the day I feel like a local. When I get the chance to come out to the actual site I have a pretty good idea of where to go and what to do. Funny though, those who are from there don’t seem to recognize me???
    Thanks again as I’m looking forward to some great spring/summer shots to keep the blood pumping until the next time I get to make it your way.

    The Kansas Flatlander, Larry

    • Hi Larry,

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the photos this season and thanks for dropping me a line! “CB East” . . . that’s a new one🙂 I guess if you can’t be here, you have to findit how ever you can get it. Despite what some would say, being a “local” is mostly a state of mind . . . looks like you’re already there.

      Somebody didn’t get the message (might have been me, actually) that it’s supposed to be a bit slower-paced around the resort this spring. While it’s gorgeously quiet around the resort in terms of activity (love the busy ski season, but enjoy the quiet of the shoulder seasons, as well), my list is off the page with projects and support needs at the resort. Couple that with the weather that’s not too hot for skiing (I’m kind of over that scene for the season, anyway), and pretty wet and cold for even just road biking in Mt. CB, and while it’s always paradise in the pretty moutains, things can be a bit of a grind, even in paradise. I did get away for a week with the family, and that was good. I’m going to try and put together a post on our little adventure, so stay tuned. Anyway, lookng foward to spring and the pace of things slowing down.

      But we’ll melt out and green up soon enough in CB, so yes, I’m looking forward to getting some gorgeous shots this summer. Glad to see you’ll be checking in to check them out. Anyway, take care and thanks again for dropping me a line.


  41. Robb,

    Thanks for the daily pics. Some buddies and I are headed that way first week of June to get away from this Dallas heat and enjoy some hiking and mountain disc golf. We were able to hike to the Mount Crested Butte peak last June without any problems of snow slowing us down. It looks like there is still a ton of snow hanging around this year. Is there way more snow than usual for this time of year? I don’t image that will all melt off in 3 weeks before we get there!

    Anyway, keep up the good work and I’ll keep tuning in.


    • Hi Bradley,

      Yes, there’s still a lot of snow around Crested Butte. While the valley floor and southern exposures are melting more quickly, it’ll take a bunch of warm weather to have things on Crested Butte Mountain melted and dried up. The Peak trail and the disc golf course probably won’t be ready until later in June . . . I’ll try and post info about the schedule as I learn more about it. I know it can be tough to adjust travel plans, but if you can put it off a few weeks (or even until July) it’d probably be worth it. But have a great visit, regardless, and if you are coming the first week of June, regardless, let me know and maybe I can suggest some alternate activities.

      Glad you’re enjoying the photos and commentary . . . I’ll keep it coming.


  42. Robb, your pics a just beautiful. I love keeping up with the CB weather while I am here in Texas. How about a view up Cement Creek valley? My summer cabin is back that way. Not sure if i could get to it yet. I would love to see how much snow there is.

    • Thanks Peggy–glad the photos are keeping you up to date on the CB scene! While I generally don’t take requests, if I make it up the Cement Creek on my bike in the next ocuple of weeks, I’ll try and bring a camera with and snap a photo or two for you. I haven’t heard much about road conditions or how much snow is up there, but it probably can’t stay winter up there all year long. I hope things are staying cool in Texas for you–have a good rest of the spring!


  43. Wow Robb,
    Thanks for the ride report. My wife and I and the couple I work for took a ride very similar to your route a few summers back leaving from the Gunnison/Pitkin area after our four wheeler trip. One of the photos I sent in for your guest cam op of the day was from Engineers pass while we were staying in Lake City on another trip. You sure brought back some great memories with your verbiage and photos.
    I hope you get melted out soon so the summer fun can really begin for you. As for us, we’re dodging tornados while we wait for our summer motorcycle trip along the Mississippi up to Minnesota . So far so good and we are all safe.

    Thanks again, Larry

    • Hi Larry,

      Glad you enjoyed the mini ride report in Monday’s post. I don’t think I’d want to live in them, but the San Juans are pretty cool to visit. Between the network of 4×4 roads between towns, the mining history and the staggering scenery, it’s some impressive country. I always feel lucky that it’s just a couple hours away. It was a good first ride of the season.

      It’ll be a bit before the trails and such get melted out around CB, especially if we don’t start getting some warm days. The conundrum of it is that if temps warms up too quickly and starts sending the snow down valley all at once . . . well, that could be ugly for the low country along the rivers. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

      Thanks again for the note and keep your head down when the weather gets wicked and stay safe.

      Take care,

  44. Hi,

    I’m a new follower of your posts and look forward to the latest photos of happenings in Crested Butte. My most recent favorite could be the Red Shouldered Hawk who was hunting for breakfast recently. He might be closely related to the Swainson’s Hawk that visits my neighbor’s roof mid-morning with his first meal of the day – favorite meal lately seems to be garter snake from Lake Grant! Keep the great shots coming – helps us be connected to paradise when we can’t be here in person.


    • Hi Susan,

      Glad to see that you found the shot of the day and that you’ve become a regular–thanks for letting me know that you’re out there. Yep, seeing and getting a shot of the hawk was pretty cool. I’ve never been much of a bird identifyer, but your estimate of its variety looks spot on. Glad I don’t have to eat garter snakes for breakfast, too! Anyway, thanks for the thumbs-up on the photos and I’m glad I can send a little CB your way when you can’t be here.

      Take care,

  45. Robb,
    Did you happen to catch the guy running in a turtle costume in your Tuesdays post of The USA Pro Cycle Challenge?

    Thank you for all of the wonderful photos. It’s helps me get a small piece of Crested Butte everyday from Indiana!


    • Hi John,

      I saw someone in a green dinosaur costume carrying the Colorado state flag (I think) between Snowmass Road and the Mt. CB footbridge, but I don’t know if I saw the turtle. There was so much going on that it would have been easy to miss. Was it you? Sounds like a good one, in any case. Glad you’re enjoying the posts and checking in from Indianna!


  46. Ho Robb, did the chipmonk eat te photo you took? It’s not on the web site. Opps!

    Harry Burchardt, Atlanta, GA

    • Hi Harry,

      Thanks for the heads-up on that . . . it seems like WordPress has been dropping the first image in my last couple of posts . . . not sure why. Anyway, the chipmunk image has been reloaded and should be there for you.

      Thanks again,

  47. Robb, you are the BEST! I really missed your work when it disappeared. Glad you have a new forum for me to access. I loved the ski pics and condition reports, and even the pre-season construction updates. Also, I crave the single-track bicycle pics in the summer. The LORD bless you. (You know He created all that scenery your photos capture!)

    • Hi Lawrence,
      Thanks for the enthusiastic thumbs up on the shot of the day . . . I’ll keep the shots coming–I hope you’re looking forward to a great ski season.
      Thanks again,

  48. Robb, I can’t find the correct words to describe your shot Monday of the reflection……it will be my screen saver until late fall when you post my next screen saver shot! Thanks again for keeping the pics coming. Larry

  49. Robb, thanks for the Veterans Day pic’s and tribute, I have found my next screen saver. I was hoping to write to you to let you know that if I stood next you in line at the Teocoli lift during a hopeful Thanksgiving quick trip to CB, I’d offer to buy you refreshment. I missed my opportunity last year as I didn’t man up and tap you on your shoulder as my son and I waited for the lift. All this said, I found out last Tuesday that I’ll be having knee surgery in about a week and a half to repair my meniscus. Kinda blows out the idea of making a quick trip. So please keep the pics coming so I can keep dreaming. As you know I’m one of those people your write to when you say “ok all you CB fans out there, here’s today’s shots”.

    • Hi Larry,

      You’re certainly welcome for the Veteran’s day photo and I’m glad that I made the cut for your desktop wall paper. And don’t worry about missing me on the mountain . . . I’m way more interesting and likeable in my blog than I am in person 🙂 .

      Bummed to hear about your knee needing some work, but if you’re a good patient and embrace your PT *grimmace*, you ought to be good as new in no time. Hopefully you’re back on your boards again in short order, regardless. Best of luck with it! I’ll do what I can to keep up your CB stoke with the photos and blurbs in the mean time.

      Take care,


  50. Oh my goodness! Took me almost a year, but I found you and very glad I did! I need the Robb shots…

  51. Rob,

    So glad you are there to keep me up-to-date on CB. Been a few years since I’ve been there after 20 straight years but I very much appreciate your efforts and photos.

    Helps keep us flatlanders sane.

    Keep up the excellent work and photos.

    • Hi Glen,

      Thanks for checking in . . . you’re welcome for the photos and words. Anything that I can do to keep the rest of the world sane out there is well worth my time. I’ll keep up shots and posts coming if you keep doing your snow dances🙂.

      Thanks again,

  52. Is that Ziggy with a bandage? Hope the paw is ok.


  53. Glad Ziggy is ok. I have a big soft spot for animals.

  54. Hey Robb,
    glad I accidently found out about RSN on FaceBook. missed my CB fix everyday! One of these days(when I get some $$, I’ll be back in Heavanly CB!

    • Hi Tim,

      Glad to see you found your way back! Yes, when you have a little travelling and adventure $$ jingling in your pockets, come on back . . . hopefully it’s sooner than later!


  55. Robb,
    Just thought I’d let you know that I’m thanking God that your “phototherapy” has worked. I had knee surgery last November to repair a torn meniscus and after watching your shot of the day postings ever since (kinda like exercise)…..my knee is healed up and my son and I are on our way to CB for Presidents weekend!

    • Hi Larry,

      Great news about your knee–glad to see that you’re back in the game! I’ll put in a powder order for Presidents weekend in honor of your return . . . let it dump!

      Take care,


  56. “I’m looking forward to riding some single track in the near future.” And, I’m looking forward to many single-track pics. Bring ’em on!

  57. Robb, Imagine my surprise to see my home town (GJ) instead of CB? We’re glad you mountain types have a place to get away from MUD SEASON.
    Isn’t it amazing that both CB and GJ can be so close together. I love them both dearly

    • Hi Paul,
      One of the reasons I’ve stayed in CB over the years is the desert just a couple of hours away . . . it’s a things of beauty during the melt out. Yes, a few thousand feet of elevation makes a big difference for climate. Have a good spring!

  58. Hi Robb. Sorry to hear about the furlough, but it looks like you are putting the extra time to good use, and I hope you enjoyed your trip. Thank you for catching us up. I do so look forward to your post and appreciate your efforts. One day I hope I and my family can get back to Crested Butte for some recreation and great times. We will be praying for your family and God’s blessing to be on you and yours. Have a Wonderful Summer, From Atlanta, Harry

    Harry Burchardt
    • Hi Harry,

      Glad to see that you continue to enjoy the shot of the day–I still enjoy sharing the shots that catch my eye around Crested Butte. Yes, I did what I could to make the best of the time off and was fortunate enough to be able to get away for a bit. It always makes me appreciate where I live. Hopefully you’ll be able to get your family back to CB soon–it’ll be here when you’re ready. Thank you for your well wishes and prayers–all the best you and your family as well!


  59. Robb, Time once again (like 7-8 years now) to say thanks for getting this flatlander through another winter with your photo posts. Thanks also for the new screen saver-up valley pic today. Something about that photo no matter what season you shoot it. Hope things are going well for you and your family. I’ll be here waiting for summer. Larry

    Larry McKellar
    • Hi Larry,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to drop me a line. As always, you’re welcome for the daily dose of Crested Butte . . . coming up with a daily shot keeps my eyes open to this beautiful part of the world. Glad the up-valley standard shot still makes the cut as desktop material for you. It’s quite a backdrop for the morning commute to work. I hope you’re well and headed back to CB soon! Thanks again,

  60. Hi Robb,

    Just a quick note to say THANK YOU so much for this site. I log in every day to see the picture of the day and also share it with my Parents !! My family is from Crested Butte and it is where I spent most summers as a child. It has changed so much since I was a child and most of my family is now gone. However I am so thankful to you for this site !!!!! Lisa Sneler

    • Lisa,
      Thank you for your message–and wow, you’re certainly welcome for the shot of the day site. It must have been interesting spending your childhood summers growing up in Crested Butte . . . I can’t imagine how it’s changed in your eyes over the years. It’s hard to do a place like this justice over the internet (it’s too pretty and unique to take in without being here), but I’m glad I can send a little bit of it out to you and your parents on a regular basis. Neat to see that you make it a part of your day. I hope you still make it back once in a while to visit. Take care,

  61. Wow! Great Father’s Day. Thank you for the great pictures. If I ever get back there in the Summer, I want to do that climb/hike. Have you ever done it in the Winter? Those would be awesome pics also. God Bless you and yours. Harry Burchardt

    Harry Burchardt
    • Hi Harry,

      Yes, it was a great Father’s Day! Come on out and do the hike–you’ll get a kick out of it for sure. The peak does open in the winter when the snow fills in the peak area. You put your skis on your should and boot pack up, enjoy the views, then ski down–it’s cool.

      Have a great summer!


  62. Hey Robb, do you still have a website that features your photography up?

    Harry Burchardt
    • Hi Harry,

      Weird, but it looks like your post has been waiting over a year for me to approve it? I apologize for that one.

      Thanks for asking about my photos . . . you can go to http://www.penniephoto.com and click on galleries to see more of my photos. I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t spent time recently updating the site . . . there’s just not quite breathing room in my life to make that happen. But hopefully you’ll enjoy the photos that are there.

      Thanks again,

  63. Robb,

    Thanks for the new/latest screen saver shot (reflection). With just a little more than a month before we head to Pitkin to do some late summer early fall four wheeling, your shot of the day is just what I need to tide me over. I think it only fair to give you a little feedback from time to time to let you know that there are still those of us who live elsewhere but wish we could be there more often, still daily watching your post. I read your post concerning your older (50) friend Bruce and his mountain bike experience with a grin on my face as I’m 57 and started riding bicycles in hills of Southeast Kansas (no it is not completely flat) this summer. After watching you post for years, I had told my wife before your post that if it worked out, next year I was going to C B to ride the trails. She didn’t laugh until she cried, but did wonder if I had lost my mind. Keep the pics coming and we’ll keep dreaming.


    • Hi Larry,
      Thanks for the message and I apologize for not getting back to you much sooner . . . my response time is probably a pretty good indicator of the pace of life around here over the last few months. I hope your late summer and fall were good, with plenty of four-wheeling and mountain biking. I managed to squeeze in another good motorcycle tour, some time on the beach and time with my parents, as well. Now we’re in full-on season prep mode around the resort, so it’s nose to the grindstone from here through the holidays. But I hope you’re well and looking forward to a great winter. As always, thanks for the props on the photos.

  64. Thank you so much for posting daily shots! Every day you provide me with more “proof” as to show my husband of why we should be living in CB ;)!

    • You are welcome–it’s my pleasure. Living in CB isn’t for everyone (it’s 100 miles to the nearest Target or Super Walmart), but that can be part of the beauty, sometimes. And the rest is just adventure and bliss!

  65. Hi Robb, the shot in the post on New Years Day is spectacular! Thank you for sharing your continued great work. The best to you and yours for the new year. Harry Burchardt, Atlanta, GA

  66. When I lived in the Gunnison country it would have been a heck of a ride to go from 401 and end up Splain’s Gulch. Isn’t Splain’s Gulch on Coal Creek not far below the turnoff to Lake Irwin, and on the back side of Mt. Axtell? Refers to your 8/2 commentary on your 401 ride.

    • Hi Jim,

      Ha–you’re right on . . . I wasn’t paying close enough attention and misnamed my gulches. It’s Rustler’s that the #401 trail cuts across. I’ll go back and edit the post.

      Thanks for the heads-up and I hope you have a good week!


  67. Hi Robb, seems like it has been too long since I gave you a shout out about your wonderful shots of the day. Due to your inviting pics and verbiage I will be bringing my oldest son, a high school class mate and friend of about 50 years and his son to Crested Butte this December. I will be showing them what I enjoy about your little neck of the woods, I learned much of the moutain by watching your post. So if you see a couple of old men leading the way down the hill and a couple of 28 year olds following, that would be us. Thanks for the pics and as always, this Kansas Flantlander will continue to find time each day at work to take a little break and look out the window thru your post. Larry McKellar

    • Hi Larry,
      Apologies for not responding sooner, but you are most certainly welcome for the posts. It’s been a crazy busy fall and hard to stay ahead of the cresting wave of to-do’s both on the mountain and at home. I’m glad to see that you’re still checking in on the shot of the day and that you’re coming back in December with friends and family–that’s great! You deserve plenty of good snow for that adventure–hopefully Old Man Winter agrees. Take care and have a really good visit . . . if you have a minute to look me up when you’re here it’d be fun to say hi. Anyway, thanks again and take care,

  68. I am bringing 36 skiers from the Columbia Ski Club in Maryland the end of January, can hardly wait to ski CB. Looking good Betty Bear, I’ll buy you a brew when we get there. The Moose

  69. I check your site often to see new pictures and really appreciate you taking them and putting them out there for those of us who aren’t able to be there.
    I’ve spent parts of some summers there since 1977 and worked at RMBL two of them but now it’s harder to get there. I always take plenty of pictures when I go and look at them often afterwards but they’re only summer shots. Your site has quality pictures all year long. Thank you for your collection of area cams too. Tom

  70. Robb, thanks for the new screen saver. I love this shot no matter how many times I see it. My wife and I will be in Pitkin the first week of July and plan on a late lunch on July 4th at Crested Butte. It’s been since last December since I was there and love seeing the changes made by the different seasons. Keep the shot of the day coming and we’ll keep watching.

    Larry, the Kansas flatlander.

    • Hi Larry, you’re welcome! It’s amazing seeing this view on the morning commute and enjoying it in the different light and cloud conditions. It kind of spoils a person, for sure.

      Have a great summer visit on the Gunnison Country and be ready–CBMR Lodging is forecasted to be 100% booked over the 4th, so it’s looking like town and the resort will be hoppin’! It should be fun with everybody coming to spend the 4th with us. I’ll keep the shots coming!


  71. Robb, we have been coming to the area every year since 1976 (our place is on the Taylor near Harmel’s), so I have been to most of the places you described on your epic bike ride today, but never in the same day! If we wanted to replicate that trip next summer, I am curious what time you left in the morning, and what kind of riding skill is necessary? Hancock Pass sounds like the roughest part.

    Thanks for the posts, pictures and great writing to go along with all of it! You are much appreciated to those who live vicariously through your CB SOTD.

    • Hi John,
      Glad you enjoyed the motor ride post! We left CB South about 8:45am and returned around six if I remember right. We probably spent an extra hour in Union Park between having to backtrack from a wrong turn and then stalling and flooding a bike in a water crossing (and then discovering the bike had a too-weak-to-crank-the-motor battery)that was just deep enough to require some careful extraction. Luckily the bike stayed dry, though, so we were able to get it going again. We spent very little time in St. Elmo and didn’t spend much time on top of the passes, either, due to the thunderstorms in the area.

      Riding skill level is a little tough to estimate. Looking back on it, I’d say that while Hancock was rough, the Mirror Lake side of Tin Cup Pass was probably the toughest. The way I’ve done that loop in the past, and the way I’d try to do it next time, is to start out with Tin Cup Pass, then do Hancock and ride Cumberland Pass last, cause it’s basically a bumpy car road (easy on a dirt bike). That way you’re good and fresh for Tin Cup and Cumberland won’t be a big deal if you’re tired at the end of the ride. Also, if the climb up the Mirror side of Tin Cup is too much, you can just turn around and go somewhere else . . . you aren’t committed to more difficult riding. If riders are good enough so that they can stand up on the pegs and let the bike work through the rocks, they should be okay. If not, it’s going to be a tougher ride. I hope that helps!

      Have fun out there,

  72. Robb, I’ve been a faithful follower of your posts for many years, and am really saddened to read today’s note explaining that you will be taking a break starting at the end of September. You are a gifted photographer, and more than anything else, your photos kept our family feeling connected to the place we most treasure in the Colorado Rockies. Living in California, we’re lucky if we make it to CB more than once or twice a year. Your posts and photos have always been a joy to view during the long periods we could not be there. Thank you so much for all those great years of posts! Frankly, it feels really short-sighted of the Resort not to be renewing your contract. We’ll be there for Vinatok in a few weeks, and we’ll keep our eyes open for you and say hello if we spot you. All our best to you and your beautiful family.

    • Hi John,

      It’s the loyal fans like you and your family who I’m most bummed about as I wind this thing down. Knowing that there are folks like you and your family out there, checking in and maintaining your connection to CB all these years . . . I would like to have a better way to wrap this thing up.

      All I can do at this point is let you know that I sincerely appreciate your having stopped by the Shot of the Day all these years. I’m glad I was able to bring a little CB joy to your day, as well. Many thanks for the photography accolades. Honestly, I feel the need to give my photo “eye” a break for a bit to refresh and recharge . . . hopefully it’ll come back stronger and better than ever.

      Regardless, you’re very welcome and thanks so much for dropping me a note.


  73. Thanks for your dedication all these years Robb, going all the way back to the RSN days! Enjoy your new found freedom. The photos you’ve posted have always keep me longing to return to Colorado for good instead of a couple of week long visits per year.

    • Hi Joe,

      You’re welcome for all the dedication . . . wow, you’ve been with me since the RSN days? That’s cool. I’ll miss sharing the images, no doubt about it. I hope you’re able to continue to come back to Colorado often and enjoy it first hand!

      Many thanks,

  74. Robb, as a former Gunnisonite transplanted to New Jersey, I will speak from the other end of the country and say how much I have appreciated your wonderful photos. Often the tongue in cheek comments are great also. Whenever I needed a touch of sanity, I always went looking for your photos. Thank You!!

    • Jim,
      You are quite welcome. Glad you’ve enjoyed it all . . . I would have liked to have had the courage to more often post what I was really thinking (I would have had some folks rolling on the floor with laughter, others sharpening daggers), but I’ve worked to keep the comments as polite as possible and mostly G-rated . . . figured that would add to my longevity posting the shot of the day. But it’s good to see that at least some folks were reading between the lines, as well. Stay sane–I’ll be working to do the same!

  75. Hi There….just wanted you to know I have been following CBshotoftheday for years and check it every day….I have a friend who lives in CB and many times I knew more about goings on there than he did because I was following you on this blog. I will miss you very much, you have been a large part of my life. Thanks for all the lovely photos….Crested Butte is one of my most favorite places in all the world! Jayne Kravis from Harmony, Maine

    • Hi Jayne,
      Glad I could keep you in the loop with the CB happenings all these years. You’re certainly welcome for all the photos . . . thanks for letting me know I’ll be missed. Crested Butte will no doubt continue to be one of your favorite places–hopefully you’ll come visit as often as you can. Have a good fall and a great winter!
      Thanks again,

  76. Robb, Those of us who have been her for a while, know that you just can’t keep up, with your daughter, carrying your camera anymore. Shot of the Day will be missed. It means we will have to get off our rears and make more trips to paradise. Enjoy those blower days. Maybe I’ll run into you at Christmas. Time to show the kids where mom and dad met, Talk of the Town, 1987. Have a Great One.

    • Steve,
      Yes, I’m ready for a bit of a breather from the daily posts . . . have some mixed feelings about it all (I still see many scenes that I know my Shot of the Day peeps would enjoy checking out . . . it’ll be tough to not take the shots), but am starting to look forward to stepping away. And yes, you will definitely have to make more trips to CB. Curious about the look on your kids’ faces when you show them the Talk. 🙂
      Anyway, thanks again for the message and we’ll see you around.

  77. Hi Robb,

    What happened to the images of “Whatever” that were referenced on you Monday, September 8 posting. Nothing there.


    • Hi Doug,
      I was actually out of town for a good part of the event and had been counting on friends sending me images, which I didn’t end up receiving. The scheduled post posted without them.

  78. Robb…..Lois + I are happy you’ll have more personal + family time!!! We will REALLY MISS THE FABULOUS PICS…+ WRITING THAT SHOULD BE
    FEATURED IN THE CB NEWS!!!!…..We hope to see you around the mountain or town so we can BS + learn how you + the girls are using more of
    “THAT FREE TIME!” IT”S BEEN A GREAT RIDE BROTHER!!!! *(excuse the ‘pathetic 1st grade pun). The Muller’s better have someone “FINE” to
    take over “the ride!!!!!!!”
    We’ll be out for a quicky week Sept 27th Keep your eyes open so we can thank you in person.
    Love Peace Happiness
    Lois + David
    P.S. are they going to keep the Live Cams???
    We use the Base cam/ Donitas Cam/ + Monarch regularly

    Lois + David Einsidler
    • Yo D & L,
      How are you doing? Awesome, I hope!
      Yes, apologies for mothballing the Shot of the Day, but . . . well . . . I think you understand. Judging by the emails and comments, lots of disappointed viewers though. Oh well . . . maybe there is a need for this kind of content for the resort, after all. 😉
      Hopefully we’ll see you around next week . . . cool that you’re sneaking out for a fall visit . . . between the vibrant color and the pleasant weather (maybe minus today, as it’s been raining steadily since the wee hours of the morning), it’s an been an excellent one.
      Always glad to hear from you two–take care and while we won’t see you on the Shot of the Day for much longer, I’m sure I’ll see you around!

  79. Well, if you gotta go, what a great way to go out on. What a great looking ride. I have followed your postings since 2003. Back in the old RSN days I was even privileged to be able to contribute as the “guest cam shot of the day guy”. Robb, I have thourgholy enjoyed the way you have captured the moment, and the verbiage with it put me right there front seat. Gonna miss you ole friend. Here’s to hoping the next adventure is a great one for you and your family. Larry McKellar, The Kansas Flatlalnder

    • Thanks a bunch, Larry. I’ve very much appreciated your kind words over the years . . . many thanks for staying tuned all this time. Yes, here’s to the great adventures to come for all of us! Take excellent care, Larry–I’ll miss you, too.

  80. John D expressed my sentiments totally! I live on the Texas gulf coast but have been coming to Crested Butte since I was 7 (in 1962 -yeah I am that old!). Your Shot of the Day was my connection to my Colorado world when I am not there. It, you, will be sorely missed! I can understand the time commitment something like that takes, and wanted to let you know I appreciate the beauty you have brought to your S of the D fans! Thank you!

  81. Thanks for all the many beautiful pictures over the years. Have been enjoying the Shot of the Day posts since before your daughter was born. Going to miss them and your witty commentary. I remember skiing CB when it was just a parking lot and ski lifts. Good luck in your endeavors!

    Penny, Kingman, KS
  82. We live on the east coast, but have been coming to Crested Butte for several winters. Your photos and commentary have helped us endure the time until the next winter and we can return. Not a day goes by without checking your site. Thank you, best of luck. You will be missed.

  83. Robb, I have enjoyed your pictures for many years. I try to visit the Butte a couple of times a year, summer for 4 wheeling and fall for photography. Your posts let me know what I am missing. Watching your daughter growing up was special. Health problems have kept me from visiting for the last few years, but I will be back. Enjoy your next adventures.

  84. On Thursday, September 11, 2014 9:47 AM, Harry wrote:

    Hi Robb,
    I have enjoyed for years your work with the Shot of The Day, and prior to that the many other posts and pictures of the Crested Butte area you have been involved in. What a great ambassador you have been for the resort and the town. I look forward to them each day and will miss them and hearing about events and you and your family. I wish for you and them only the best in your future endeavors. God Bless you all, and a most heartily felt Thank You.
    Harry Burchardt
    Atlanta, Georgia

    PS: Robb I had sent this earlier but it apparently did not get to you. I am going to sorely miss you and Shot of The Day. Only the best for you and yours. THANK YOU!!

  85. Thanks again Robb. Hope to see up around the mountain, or just enjoying yourself on your wheels or your feet having a blast somewhere in the back country. And, enjoy those girls in your life. These are precious times… the best of times…

  86. Just wanted to say thanks for all the years of photos. When I moved from CB to flatlands back in 2004 it was a tough move and viewing your pics from RSN and over here became part of my morning ritual.

    I am more fortunate than most that I have winters off and have been able to be a pass holder since 99. Looking forward to an epic 2014/15 season but my morning ritual of open snow, cb avalanche center and pow cams (cb and loveland) won’t be the same without your shots of the day.

    Thanks again for all your pics,

    Josh “Baywatch” Farrell

  87. Robb, I spent my first summer in Crested Butte in 1969 and the subsequent ski trips and family trips for the next 30 years. Your shot of the day brought true happiness to my heart when I was not able to travel to CB any more – you were my eyes and ears, and more importantly your comments were ones that I so agreed with in every way. I can’t begin to tell you what a void there will be without your beautiful photography and insightful commentary. Thanks for all the time and effort you gave this job for so many years. I will really miss your words and understanding of a truly unique environment. Good luck.

    • Cindy,
      Thank you very much for your kinds words of appreciation. I’m almost two months into my post shot-of-the-day life . . . it’s been an interesting transition. It was several weeks before I stopped thinking that I needed to drop what I was doing and take a picture of the scenes around me, but I’ve mostly stopped doing that now. I don’t miss carrying a camera with at all times and have to admit feeling a bit liberated. And my evenings and early mornings are much more my own now . . . things feel better balanced in that regard, certainly. Thanks again for the kind words and taking the time to share them.


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