10 Inches of New Snow Overnight at Crested Butte Mountain Resort!


Looks like the weekend in Crested Butte will continue for at least one more day as half the valley calls in sick or otherwise takes advantage of their “powder clause” today.  With ten inches of fresh powder overnight, why the heck wouldn’tja?  Today’s first image is of the powder cam all dressed in white and sitting pretty at the top of the mountain this morning—that is a sight that’s no doubt put a grin on many a Buttian’s face this morning. 


Our next two shots are from the USASA Skier & Boardcross this weekend at Crested Butte Mountain Resort.  But to be honest, I’m going to keep this brief so that I can the driveway blown off and make to work in time.  Have an excellent day on the mountain and enjoy the powder day! 


Crested Butte Mountain Resort
toll free 1-888-712-7999 for great vacation packa ges.

Posted March 4, 2013 by robbpennie in Crested Butte Shot of the Day


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