Snowy Day and New Daytime Uphill Skiing Access at Crested Butte Mountain Resort


Tuesday morning finds Crested Butte under light snow, with a the forecast calling for one-to-three inches of new, with northwest winds kicking in later today to make things fully wintry around the valley.  Today’s first shot is from yesterday morning, peering through the clouds on the valley floor, over CB South’s groomed Nordic trails, at CrestedButteMountain.  The morning’s fog dissipated quickly and left us with a gorgeous day of sapphire blue skies and warm sun. 


Crested Butte Mountain Resort has implemented a new daytime uphill route and policy.  Now you can don your skinned skis and hike up to the Tony’s area (top of Painter Boy/Goldlink) during the ski area’s operating hours.  The route takes you up, along the sides of Warming House Hill and Houston, then winds you out across Columbine before sending you back to Tony’s.  Today’s second shot is of the sign at the bottom of the route where it begins over between the air bag and the CrestedMountain condos. 


Today’s third shot being of John and Marsha making their way along the uphill trail above Columbine Hill.  I’m psyched to see uphill daytime access at the resort.  While the route is geared toward those interested in trying out the “uphill” thing for the first time, the “out in the woods” feel of it and the taste of a backcountry ski experience that it offers is really nice.  Hopefully the resort will continue to develop the daytime opportunities . . . I bet it catches on.  If you’re interested in trying out uphill skiing at Crested Butte Mountain Resort, stop by the AdventureCenter to get your uphill pass and if you need gear, stop by the Elevation Station to rent some from the Scarpa demo center there.  Those of you who already have an uphill pass for the season will want to stop by the AdventureCenter, check out the recently updated uphill policies and get your pass updated, as well.  While this is only a partial list of the policy, below is a blurb that the resort put out regarding its uphill program.  Check out the full policy and uphill routes at the AdventureCenter or by clicking here.

Enjoy the wintry day and we’ll see you tomorrow!


Uphill skiing has gained in popularity here at CBMR in recent years. It is normal to see an average of 75 people per day skin up the mountain during off hours. Due to the sports ever-growing popularity across the nation and a desire to grow and embrace fitness skiing, CBMR has worked together with community members, uphill users and the US Forest Service (USFS) to formalize a new Uphill Use Policy that promotes the sport and balances safety and recreation on the resort’s slopes. In addition, the new partnership with Scarpa and SkiTrab touring boots and skis has allowed CBMR to open the first Scarpa/SkiTrab Uphill Demo Center for guests to experience the sport of ski fitness.

Highlights to the new/revised policy include:

  • All uphill users must obtain an UphillUsePass from the Pass Office in the AdventureCenter.  Current pass holders can obtain a 2013 sticker at the AdventureCenter, certifying that you have read the new 2013 policy and route map.
  • Ski Patrol will flash a red light in the base area, as well as on top of tower 3 on the Red Lady Express, visible from the base area to warn skiers of avalanche control work taking place and that designated routes must be followed.
  • Uphill use on the designated All-Day Base to Ten Peaks route is permissible any time of day, This route begins at the base area and goes uphill along the lookers left side of Warming House Hill, continues to the bottom of Painter Boy lift and switches back towards Columbine Hill. It then meanders through a signed route in the aspen trees and finishes at Ten Peaks.  The route is approximately 1.75 miles long and has a 910 foot elevation gain.
  • All other areas of uphill travel must cease by 9 a.m. and may not begin again until 4:30 p.m.
  • Two new designated “dog routes” allow uphill access to the MainMountain prior to 9 a.m. and after 4:30 p.m. Dogs must descend the same route ascended.
  • New regulations are in place for skiers and dogs to be more visible, including required headlamps and skiing in the center of the trail.
  • Uphill users will be limited to the lower part of the mountain during avalanche control mornings to allow ski patrol to open terrain efficiently. International, Buckley and Championship trails will be closed to all uphill use, due to potential safety issues with grooming and the winch cat operations.
  • Ski Patrol and Mountain Operations will be checking for Uphill Passes and informing guests of the new policy moving forward.
  • A fee structure will be implemented for Uphill Use;
    • If a skier has purchased any multi-day or seasonal pass product, uphill use is included.
    • Non-pass holders will be required to purchase a daily pass for $10 or a seasonal pass for $100 for uphill use. **For the remainder of the season, those who do not currently have an uphill pass or a season pass product will be charge $40 for a 2012-2013 Uphill Pass.
  • CBMR has issued 662 Uphill Use passes to date.
  • The resort is also holding Full Moon Skins on the last two full moons on the season to encourage guests to get try skinning under the natural moonlight. Uphill skiers can ski to a designated mid-mountain lodge, either Ten Peaks or Uley’s Cabin, where a fire is waiting as well as light food items and beverages.

Scarpa/SkiTrab Uphill Demo Center:

Don’t forget that we have the new Scarpa/SkiTrab Uphill Demo Center in Elevation Station. The demo center rents touring skis and boots for anyone interested in trying alpine touring. The resort also offers uphill ski lessons to learn proper technique and ensure efficiency in skinning. The Scarpa/SkiTrab Uphill Demo Center is located in the Elevation Station, located in the resort base area. It is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for rentals.

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