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Skiing the Red Lady Bowl on Mt. Emmons


Tuesday’s shots are from Sunday . . . while much of CB was at Crested Butte Mountain Resort enjoying four inches of new snow and checking out the Al Johnson, a couple of friends and I headed up Mt. Emmons for a backcountry run. Temps were chilly on the valley floor and the upper end of the valley seemed a little hazy Sunday morning. The day warmed as we climbed Mt. Emmons, but it wasn’t until we got above treeline and could see to the southwest that the haze made sense–the Ohio and Gunnison valleys were blanketed with clouds. Today’s first shot is looking southwest, across Splain’s Gulch, out past the Anthracites and across the upper Ohio Creek Valley (covered in clouds), across to the Castles.


The next shot is looking south at Whetstone, Axtel and Carbon, with the Gunnison low country shrouded in clouds and the San Juan’s a thin line of white in the far distance. On the left-hand side of the shot, you can see the Trappers Crossing roads in the dark timber and CB South on the valley floor way back on the left.


Today’s third shot is of Allen Hadley making powdery turns down Red Lady Bowl, with the town of Crested Butte and Crested Butte Mountain in the background. There were five-or-so inches of nice powder on top of sun crust, so while there was a firm base underneath and the scrape-ity-scrape-scrape soundtrack of our turns didn’t seem right with all the powder that was blowing up around us, it skied just fine almost all the way back to the parking lot.

Looks like we’re in store for more sun and pleasantness today before seeing snow the next couple of days. Have a really good day and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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