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Another Weekend of Great Snow and Totally CB Events at Crested Butte!

Hi All and Happy Friday! If you got out on the mountain yesterday, you were loving the foot of fresh snow . . . just over a week left in the ski season and it’s still dumping in Colorado’s Last Great Ski Town! We’re forecasted to clear off today and tomorrow, then see another good chance for snow on Sunday. I didn’t get out on the hill until closer to noon yesterday, but still found untracked powder, blower turns and really good skiing. The snow had a pretty high moisture content, but it skied fine (and fun). I rode the lifts with guests and locals alike who were stoked to add more powder turns to their winter count.


Today’s shots are from Crested Butte on Thursday morning . . . while I’m ready for spring at any moment, it’s hard to get tired of winter scenes like these.


There is lots of fun stuff going on at Crested Butte Mountain resort this weekend! Whether you’re racing over to Aspen in the Elk Mountains Grand Traverse (hopefully this snow doesn’t have them doing the “reverse”), attending Soul Train night, getting ready to compete in or spectate at the Silver Queen pageant (check out the resort’s events calendar for more details on all these events), or just planning on skiing, it’s going to be another excellent couple of days off in CB! With the season wrapping up a week from Sunday, don’t hold back—get out have some fun! See you next week!

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