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Need some Extra Winter? We have Plenty!


Hi All and Happy Friday!  Looking out the window this morning, the scene is pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday.  There’s new snow on the lawn with low clouds and light snow falling.  Yesterday’s snow accumulation amounted to maybe in an inch in some places and melted off as quickly as it came.  Snow showers came and went throughout the day . . . the streets were wet and dried out several times.  Looks like today we’re forecasted for a thirty-percent chance of snow, breezy conditions and a high of forty-five degrees.  Today’s shots are from yesterday, with our first shot being of Whetstone Mountain trying to shrug off the morning clouds.


Friday’s second shot is of the morning clouds roiling around and spilling over Crested Butte Mountain.


Here’s a quick look at what we were seeing in the base area at times on Thursday . . . more wintry than spring-like.


Today’s last shot is of a patient hawk, who politely posed in the light snow fall while I got out my camera last evening.

The nice thing about living in the CB area this time of year is that even when Crested Butte is forecasted for precipitation and a high in the upper forties like it is tomorrow, we can head to Gunnison and find less precip and a high of sixty degrees instead.  That looks plenty good enough for some mountain biking—should be fun. Saturday will be the day to get out, too, as Sunday cools off about a dozen degrees for the Gunnison Country.  And that’ll probably keep me closer to home and looking forward to late spring.  Have a really good weekend and we’ll catch up next week.

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