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Busy Summertime in Crested Butte

How is Monday morning feeling for everyone checking in on Crested Butte today? Hopefully you’re well-rested, but maybe feeling some tired muscles from a weekend of playing hard on the Gunnison Country. The valley’s under cloudy skies this morning, forecasted for a fifty-percent chance of heavy rains and a high in the mid seventies this afternoon.


Monday’s first shot is from Elk Avenue on Saturday evening. I’ve probably mentioned how busy town has been this summer and the weekend evenings find it particularly so. I had pulled up Elk Avenue around 7pm, wondering if I could get lucky and find a short line at the Teocalli Tamale for a quick burrito. Ha–the line was out the door! These brief summer months are what many CB businesses depend on for revenue to make it through the rest of the year, so while I missed my Thai burrito with Mike’s, it was good to see the place packed. And while the sidewalks and restaurants thrum with business, the town still has the laid-back Crested Butte vibe to it—way cool.


Today’s second shot is from Saturday morning in the base area at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Living Journeys’ Summit Hike attendees (the Summit Hike is a fund raising event to benefit people living with cancer and their loved ones) had already finished breakfast and were on the mountain by the time I strolled through. The base area was busy throughout the day, with Adventure Park goers, bikers and hikers circulating through.

Have a really good start to your work week . . . I’m going to see if I can get in some two-wheeler time before the rains move in today. See you tomorrow.

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