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Back from Camping

Good late Wednesday morning from Crested Butte.  We’re under partly cloudy skies so far today with the thermometer showing 74 degrees, headed for a high near 80 this afternoon.  It looks like we have a forty-percent chance for thunder showers this afternoon, so you’ll want to pay attention to what’s building your way if you’re out in the back country today.


I’m getting caught up on some posts this morning after having been camping down near the shores of Blue Mesa reservoir, west of Gunnison, the last few days.  The Mesa is looking good this summer, staying pretty full and finally warming up to the point where most adults don’t gasp when getting in the water.  Jumping in is still quite an invigorating experience, mind you, but there are fewer strange noises behind the boat as folks ease into the drink.


Today’s first shot is looking out across the fishing boats on the Mesa in the early morning and today’s second shot is of a not-so Big Horn Sheep that was hanging out with its herd along highway 50.  Nice necklace, huh?  This one evidently gets tracked by the park service.


My daughter just started dropping a ski so that she’s slaloming (and concentrating much harder, judging by the look on her face) behind our boat now.  The kiddo continues to enjoy more and more of the fun stuff that my wife and I enjoy doing—way cool.


Tuesday on the Gunnison Country was hot for this part of the world.  CB was in the mid eighties and higher, while at Blue Mesa I was seeing a legit 92 degrees on the truck’s thermometer, with the flag at the visitor’s center barely moving.  With it that hot on the lake, we were cycling in and out of the water all day.  Today’s last shot was supposed to be of my daughter and I both jumping in the water at the same time, but it looks like dad got “faked out” (is that a “gotchya dad” on her mug or what?) by the youngster.  Maybe that was some sort of pay back for her accidently losing her balance and ending up in the water earlier.  She says she got pushed, but you know the stories kids tell.

Anyway, I hope your day is going well and that you’re staying cool during these hot days of July!  Have a good one and I’ll be back tomorrow for more.

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