Paying Our Dues . . .


The more wintry days in April and May that we endure, the summer scenes like this we enjoy . . . have a great day out there!


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Weekend Snowmobile Event at Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Hi All—Monday’s shots are from the weekend’s Ultimate Snowmobiler event at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. I couldn’t be at the event to enjoy it in person, but Matthew Johnston was cool enough to get out and get some photos of the event. Thanks a bunch, Matt! Check out the cool scenes!

Busy base of the lifts, with snowmobiles everywhere . . .

14-04-14_lift base2

It’s not an event without a “jumbotron.”


Competitor warming up on the snow-cross course.


Spectators were towed around the mountain in the resort’s sleigh.  That’s the freestyle jump in the background.


Speaking of freestyle, here’s a nice, big superman from a competitor . . .


And one more big-air, look-back, seat-grab, heel-clicker stunt.


So it was a fun weekend of motorized competition and spectating at Crested Butte Mountain Resort!  Thanks again for the photos, Matt! Crested Butte’s looking forward to mostly sunny skies with a high in the low thirties this afternoon. Have a really good start to the week and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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Reshaping the Base Area for the Ultimate Snowmobiler Event

Thursday’s shot is looking up Warming House Hill yesterday afternoon at a snowcat working on part of one of the courses for this weekend’s Ultimate Snowmobiler event at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. For more information on the event, you can scroll back a few posts or check out the events page on the resort’s web site.

The forecast is calling for more sun and pleasant temps today and tomorrow—the springtime weather feels great!

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Wednesday in Mt. Crested Butte


Wednesday’s shot is of the snow piled up on Treasury Road that will be dozed into a flat surface to allow competitors in this weekend’s Ultimate Snowmobiler event to transit from the staging area in the parking lot north of the Grand Lodge to Crested Butte Mountain Resort’s base area. A snowcat was working in the parking lot, moving stored snow from next to the parking structure, out, into the lot, as well. Snowcats were working on Warming House Hill yesterday, moving snow around for the various courses and tracks that will be built in the coming days for the event.

Tuesday was sunny and beautiful, with a high in the upper forties. Today’s forecast shows more sun and a high in the mid fifties. Get out there and soak it up!

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Clouds Blanket the Crested Butte High Country

Tuesday finds Crested Butte under clear skies, headed for a high of fifty—yes, fifty— degrees this afternoon! The four inches of snow we saw on the powder cam Monday morning was interesting and set us up for a great employee ski day, but bring on the spring! Today’s shot is from Sunday morning, looking over Crested Butte, with Mt. Axtel and a cloud-blanketed Kebler Pass in the background.


Monday ended up clearing off and being pleasant enough for the mountain breakdown and employee party day at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Despite Butte 66 being packed for the bar-b-q and prize raffle, Mt. CB and Crested Butte both looked noticeably subdued as I drove home Monday evening. It’s that time of the year when things will quiet down significantly at this end of the valley, as seasonal workers either pack up to move on or head for the desert to shake off the winter chill. Over the next few days we’ll likely see a lot of cars and trucks with bicycles and boats on the roofs, heading for lower, warmer climes.

For those of us still at the resort, we’re turning our attention to this weekend’s snowmobile event. I’ll have more info and photos of preparations of the event in the coming days, but snow cats were already working in the base area, cutting in the various snowmobile courses. Even more noticeable was the town of Mt. CB hauling snow in to create a snow lane on Treasury Road so that competitors can ride their sleds from the staging area out, north of the Grand Lodge, to the base area this weekend. We’re looking for over one hundred and fifty competitors to show up for the comp—it should be way cool.

Have a sunny Tuesday out there and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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Wrapping up an Awesome Season at Crested Butte Mountain Resort!

I guess it still hasn’t fully sunk in yet, but we are done with another ski season at Crested Butte Mountain Resort! What a season, too, with 291 inches of snow, an 84 inch base up top and so many great memories (and great powder turns) . . . this is the first season in a long time that I could have used a few more weeks to enjoy it. But end, it has, and while temps didn’t warm enough to have me trying my luck with some early-season water skiing (okay, so it’s not necessarily a temp thing), the pond skimming on Saturday was as good as ever and crowd turnout was as big as ever at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. I have a bunch of photos from the event–here we go. 

This year’s pond configuration was a “doubler,” meaning that there were two ponds competitors had to get across. Between the construction and the “no poles” rule being more tightly enforced this year, the pools seemed to hold water much better than last year, making it more challenging (and wetter) for most competitors and spectators. Our first shot is of Red Lady Man (or what ever you call him) not only making it across both ponds, but doing a selfie video the whole way. I think the red lady even has red hair.


Next up is . . . Tigger! He has a pretty clean entry . . .


. . . but starts to get a little forward with is his Saturday Night Fever moves . . .


. . . and finds himself up-close and intimate with the berm separating the two pools. That whole up-close and intimate with the berm separating the two pools thing is going to be a common theme in today’s post.


I’m not sure what was harder to watch on Saturday, the berm impacts or the short shorts, sandals and tan lines on the pool guards. But those two did an admirable job getting sometimes stunned and gasping (from the icy waters) competitors out of the drink as quick as possible.


Check out the crowds that showed up for the big event, lined up several deep along the course and on the Butte 66 deck–people love to come out and see the pond skimming. Our next competitor is about to engage in some crazy aerobatics . . .


Houston, we have a problem . . .


Luckily she double-ejected and made it to the second pool for splashdown.


These guys were one of my faves of the day . . . two brah’s on one pair of boards . . . you’d think they’re lining up for all kinds of trouble . . .


. . . but then they’re set up and riding the thing . . .


. . . tons of spray and deep in the water, but they’re still in the game . . .


Airborne after the berm . . .


. . . but the RIO ejects heading into the second pond. 


Probably about the only time warm beer sounds good for a celebration . . . brrrr.


The judges were as stylish and merciless as ever. 


The next sequence probably doesn’t need much commentary . . . but I bet this young cowgirl ends up feeling about like she been thrown from her horse . . .












. . . hopefully her cowboy was waiting near by with a big, warm blanket and a Saturday evening back rub.  That berm’s a tough one. 

I think everyone’s favorite competitor, embodying the toughness of a biker (note the shades, studded gloves and jacket) and the grace of a ballerina (I like the tutu thing on a biker—more Harley guys should try that and some fairy wings to go with their pretty bikes) was Erica, back for another go on the snow bike!




I love snow biking, too, but you’ll never see me trying to pond skim on one—that woman is one tough cookie.


Hopefully you made it out to see some of the pond skimming yourself on Saturday! Have a really good start to your week and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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Last Weekend of the Ski Season at Crested Butte Mountain Resort!

Hi All and Happy Last Friday of the Ski Season at Crested Butte! Wow—how did we get here so quickly? Are you coming up this weekend to get in a few more turns and check out the pond skimming tomorrow? You should! The snow’s still very good and we even have more whites stuff in the forecast for closing day.


Today’s shot is from yesterday afternoon, looking up-valley at spring time (?) splendor. Still looks pretty wintry to me. I might have winced this morning when I looked at the thermometer and saw it reading zero-zero-point-zero degrees . . . seems a little stiff for April. Oh well . . . while that will probably be the chilliest low temp that we’ll see for many months, we still have snow forecasted through the weekend and into early next week, with next week’s forecast starting to show some hints of spring.


Anyway, have a really fun and safe last weekend of the ski season. Even though we’re done skiing via lifts for a while, the shot of the day continues right on through the spring months, so we’ll see you next week.
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