Rain, Rain, More Today?


For Thursday morning, the East River Valley is actually seeing some blue sky overhead . . . what a novel concept after the past few days of wetness.  We’re forecasted for thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening, but seeing the sun out this morning will be a nice start to the day.  Today’s shots are from the past couple days of moisture and mist around Crested Butte . . . saturated wildflowers and mountains looking dark and foreboding in their cloudy cloaks.  Have a really good last day of July out there and we’ll see you tomorrow.


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High Country Ride

Wednesday morning finds Crested Butte under partly cloudy skies after soaking overnight rains. With rain showers making up much of Tuesday’s weather pattern, as well, it’s safe to say that CB is pretty well saturated at this point. But that won’t likely deter the forecasted for heavy rains again today and tonight.

Wednesday’s shots are from Monday’s high country motorcycle ride. Starting in CB South, Steve and I headed up Cement Creek Road, over Reno Ridge, down to Spring Creek Reservoir, over Rocky Brook Road to the Taylor road and then south to the Taylor store where we took in the astounding number of ATV enthusiasts prepping their four wheelers and side-by-sides for a day out in the Taylor Park area. From Taylor Park, we headed through Union Park, intersected with the Cumberland Pass Road (where the skies opened up on us), then zipped up to the top of Cumberland Pass (where the sun was still breaking through) and were able look back to the north and take in the storm we had just ridden out of. Even though the lightning strikes were a few miles away, it’s amazing how much more articulate and nasty the thunder sounds when you’re listening to it from a mountain pass at over twelve-thousand feet. We didn’t stay long to hear more.


From Cumberland, we dropped down into Pitkin for fuel and a bite to eat. While the service was very friendly at the cafe we sat down at, their old time wagon prop out front, signed “Road Kill Chuck Wagon” was a little too “on the money” in terms of describing the fare. But the porch booths were a good vantage to take in the stream of motorcycles and ATVs that rolled through the tiny town, heading off for their next Gunnison Country adventure. From Pitkin, we headed back, up, into the hills for Hancock Pass, where today’s first shot is from.  This pic doesn’t do the character of the road justice–both the Hancock climb and the decent keep you honest when you’re on two wheels . . . while the multitudes of ATVs we met and passed could creep through boulder-packed jeep roads, the trick on the motorcycles was to keep things moving and stay up on the pegs to let your legs work with the dirt bike’s suspension to absorb the rocks, bumps and drops.  Once off the pass road and back to the old railroad grade, things smoothed out nicely.  There is much old mining and rail history embedded in these mountains . . . some of it appearing to be on the move, in fact.


After passing through St. Elmo where the rain found us again, we pointed our bikes up the rocky jeep road that took us to the top of Tin Cup Pass and then down, past Mirror Lake, through Tin Cup itself before heading out Taylor Reservoir where we caught a window in the weather and today’s last shot is from. From there it was down the Taylor Canyon road and over Jack’s Cabin Cutoff to darkening skies and a soggy run up the highway to home.


My bike’s odometer showed 153 miles on the day . . . figuring in three twelve-thousand foot passes, all the high country scenery and fun of getting out for a ride (to say nothing of doing it all from your front door step) . . . it was a very good day. Have an excellent day, yourself, out there—stay dry!

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Rainy in the East River Valley


It’s Tuesday morning and a bit soggy in the Crested Butte area so far today.  Following last evenings soaking rains, we’re seeing cloudy skies overhead, with low clouds drifting along the mountains and hill sides.  Today’s forecast tells of much the same conditions, with continued clouds and rain, especially this afternoon.  Today’s shot is of an East River Valley barn, with Crested Butte Mountain grayed out by rain in the background.  Stay dry out there and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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Busy Summertime in Crested Butte

How is Monday morning feeling for everyone checking in on Crested Butte today? Hopefully you’re well-rested, but maybe feeling some tired muscles from a weekend of playing hard on the Gunnison Country. The valley’s under cloudy skies this morning, forecasted for a fifty-percent chance of heavy rains and a high in the mid seventies this afternoon.


Monday’s first shot is from Elk Avenue on Saturday evening. I’ve probably mentioned how busy town has been this summer and the weekend evenings find it particularly so. I had pulled up Elk Avenue around 7pm, wondering if I could get lucky and find a short line at the Teocalli Tamale for a quick burrito. Ha–the line was out the door! These brief summer months are what many CB businesses depend on for revenue to make it through the rest of the year, so while I missed my Thai burrito with Mike’s, it was good to see the place packed. And while the sidewalks and restaurants thrum with business, the town still has the laid-back Crested Butte vibe to it—way cool.


Today’s second shot is from Saturday morning in the base area at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Living Journeys’ Summit Hike attendees (the Summit Hike is a fund raising event to benefit people living with cancer and their loved ones) had already finished breakfast and were on the mountain by the time I strolled through. The base area was busy throughout the day, with Adventure Park goers, bikers and hikers circulating through.

Have a really good start to your work week . . . I’m going to see if I can get in some two-wheeler time before the rains move in today. See you tomorrow.

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Hi All—Happy Friday!  Today’s shot is of some mule’s ear backed by Crested Butte Mountain . . . the flowers are still beautiful in Crested Butte!  Thursday was partly cloudy and breezy on the Gunnison Country until evening rain showers moved through the area.  We’re forecasted for more of the same today with temps forecasted to warm up, into the eighties for the weekend.  Have a good one out there—here’s a list of events at Crested Butte Mountain Resort . . . enjoy!

Friday, July 25

  • Bush-Witt Wedding Reception

o   Ice Bar

  • Joel Benisch Birthday Welcome Reception

o   Butte 66

Saturday, July 26

  • Living Journey’s Summit Hike and Half Marathon

o   Base Area

o   Half-Marathon starts at 8 AM

o   Silver Queen runs at 8:30 AM

o   www.livingjourneys.org for more info

  • Brasher-Reynolds Wedding

o   Ceremony at Painterboy

o   Reception at Ten Peaks

  • Verde-Javernick Wedding

o   Butte 66

Sunday, July 27

  • Crested Butte Mountain Conference

o   Sunday through Friday!

o   See complete meeting schedule attached!

  • Pilates with Kenny


o   $5 for general public/employees, cash only

o   Red Lady Stage at 9 AM

o   45 minute, fun, open level class

o   Bring a mat if you have one!

  • Zbranek-Zeitman Wedding

o   Ceremony at Red Lady Wedding Site

Wednesday, July 30

  • Pilates with Kenny

o    $5, cash only

o   Red Lady Stage at 12:15 PM

o   45 minute, fun, open level class

o   Bring a mat if you have one!

  • Live! From Mt. CB- Free concert series

o   James McMurtry (Roots Rock)

o   5:30-7:30

o   Red Lady Stage in the Base Area

o   5:30- 7:30 PM

o   Beer, wine and food for sale

o   No Dogs, No outside alcohol please

  • Pinnacle Mountain Bike Race

o   www.skicb.com/pinnacle

o   Free registration

o   Must register in Spellbound from 4:30- 5:15 PM

o   Downhill and Cross Country Races start at 5:45 PM

o   Awards party with food and drinks in Spellbound after races

o   Lift tickets for downhill race on sale at Registration for $5, cash only

o   Downhill Course: Avery

o   Cross Country Courses:

  • Expert/Sport: Up Up Up and Away. Up Columbine. Up Painter Boy. Down Prospector, down Maintenance Shop    Access Road to Lower Meander. Up Lower Meander , up Meander across East River Access Road to 5-way,    across Painter Boy. Down Awakening, down Downtime to Practice loop ending at the Treehouse.
  • Beginner: Up Up Up and Away. Up Columbine. Up Painter Boy. stay on Painter Boy to Awakening, down Awakening, down Downtime across Practice loop to Treehouse.
  • Jr./Grom: Up Up Up and Away, down Downtime to Treehouse.

Crested Butte Mountain Resort

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A Stroll in the Wild Flowers


Thursday’s shot is of a buck mule deer in velvet, strolling through the wild flowers at Crested Butte Mountain Resort.  CB is under dark cloud cover this morning, with the forecast calling for a fifty-percent chance of scattered thunderstorms today and this evening, and a high in the mid seventies.  Enjoy the day and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Crested Butte Mountain Resort

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Back from Camping

Good late Wednesday morning from Crested Butte.  We’re under partly cloudy skies so far today with the thermometer showing 74 degrees, headed for a high near 80 this afternoon.  It looks like we have a forty-percent chance for thunder showers this afternoon, so you’ll want to pay attention to what’s building your way if you’re out in the back country today.


I’m getting caught up on some posts this morning after having been camping down near the shores of Blue Mesa reservoir, west of Gunnison, the last few days.  The Mesa is looking good this summer, staying pretty full and finally warming up to the point where most adults don’t gasp when getting in the water.  Jumping in is still quite an invigorating experience, mind you, but there are fewer strange noises behind the boat as folks ease into the drink.


Today’s first shot is looking out across the fishing boats on the Mesa in the early morning and today’s second shot is of a not-so Big Horn Sheep that was hanging out with its herd along highway 50.  Nice necklace, huh?  This one evidently gets tracked by the park service.


My daughter just started dropping a ski so that she’s slaloming (and concentrating much harder, judging by the look on her face) behind our boat now.  The kiddo continues to enjoy more and more of the fun stuff that my wife and I enjoy doing—way cool.


Tuesday on the Gunnison Country was hot for this part of the world.  CB was in the mid eighties and higher, while at Blue Mesa I was seeing a legit 92 degrees on the truck’s thermometer, with the flag at the visitor’s center barely moving.  With it that hot on the lake, we were cycling in and out of the water all day.  Today’s last shot was supposed to be of my daughter and I both jumping in the water at the same time, but it looks like dad got “faked out” (is that a “gotchya dad” on her mug or what?) by the youngster.  Maybe that was some sort of pay back for her accidently losing her balance and ending up in the water earlier.  She says she got pushed, but you know the stories kids tell.

Anyway, I hope your day is going well and that you’re staying cool during these hot days of July!  Have a good one and I’ll be back tomorrow for more.

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